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We are a private equity fund manager and investment advisory that helps our partners find and unlock the full value of their capital and assets


The asset management and investment landscape is quickly changing. We want our partners to be able to draw on a full array of private equity tools that allow them to be confident they aren't leaving value on the table.  


Frost Capital brings together decades of experience in finding, managing, and creating value from private equity investments.  Our proprietary due diligence system and hands-on investment approach have a proven track record of success.  To our partners, we provide a concierge service and work hand-in-hand to make sure they are not missing critical opportunities to maximize returns.  Our experience, methodologies, and commitment allow us to support our partners at every stage of the investment process – from initial assessments, to taking operating roles in portfolio companies, through managing exits.  


Throughout the investment process, our approach provides transparency and insight into how value is created. 

Affiliated with
Frost Capital is affiliated with Frost & Sullivan, a 50+ year old, world-renowned global research and consulting firm with over a thousand analysts in 45 offices across the world and more than 10,000 clients. Our relationship provides Frost Capital with access to thousands of analysts, deal flow and exit opportunities throughout the world, a capacity that has taken even the largest private equity funds decades to establish.  These capabilities produce powerful insights that enable us to take advantage of transformational growth opportunities.

fund & Asset management

Our team has managed venture capital, growth equity, and buyout funds, and deployed our knowledge for deal flow analysis, diligence, transaction structuring, operational analysis, value creation, and exit.  We have worked with investors ranging from sovereign funds and institutional investors to family offices and HNW individuals.

We are currently investing on a deal-by-deal basis in opportunities that focus on the fintech industry and, more broadly, in mid-market buy-out opportunities.  Our investments give preference to opportunities that have clear ESG outcomes.

For more information, please contact as at funds@frostcap.com.

investment advisory

As new technologies continue to transform traditional industries around the world, both risks and opportunities emerge for investors.  To help our partners navigate these disruptions, Frost Capital offers a range of investment advisory services, including operational and financial due diligence, portfolio management and operational improvement, and exit strategy analysis.  Our methodologies take into account granular, operational challenges as well as macro trends defining the industry and various market dynamics.

Our team has worked with investors of all sizes looking to capture market opportunities around the world and across industries.

Our advisory team can be reached at advisory@frostcap.com.



We support investment in companies and entrepreneurship ecosystems that help fulfill Economic, Social, and Governance Goals (ESG), including the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. This includes managing ESG investment funds, specialized investment training programs, technology platforms to facilitate deal flow in less advanced economies, and more. 

Our team has partnered with the World Bank, United Nations, U.S. and UK governments, NGOs, and many others to support development and other ESG goals while growing businesses and the private sector.

Interested in discussing our ESG programming? Please email esg@frostcap.com.



Most private equity investment funds are a black box to their investors.  At Frost Capital, we believe investors should have material insight into the process of investing and of creating value in portfolio companies so they can have confidence that they aren’t missing opportunities and leaving value on the table.  This is why we work closely with investors and clients and provide transparency throughout the entire process of creating value and maximizing returns.